Monday, July 17, 2017


Noon - 9:00 pm


Bitterroot Trail (choose your start location!)


Join us on Monday, July 17 for a free bike ride to celebrate the Bitterroot Trail, including the new portion from Lolo to Missoula. To celebrate the day, we will have activities at Travelers’ Rest State Park in Lolo at 12 PM and a Bike Expo and Celebration on Stevensville’s Main Street from Noon to 9:00 PM. Plan your route to join us!

If you register for the free ride, we’ll provide you with water, snacks, and quality swag along the way. We’ll have registration stations in Missoula, Lolo, Stevensville and Hamilton where you can pick up your wrist band, which also enters you in a raffle for a kids bike giveaway that will take place during the Bike Expo. (You must be present to win.) The first 250 people to register for the Bitterroot Trail ride will receive a stainless steel tumbler.


Choose any distance you want to ride along the Bitterroot Trail. The idea is that you choose your starting point along the trail, ideally planning your ride to arrive at Stevensville in the afternoon for the celebration.

The Bitterroot Trail is essentially flat with a few small climbs, click here to see the elevations from Hamilton to Missoula to get an idea of the grade you will experience.


All riders who check in at our voluntary check stations will be eligible for gear giveaways at the Stevensville Celebration, and a wristband that provides you with snacks and support along the way. All you have to do is check in and give us a way to keep you posted on Bitterroot Trail news.

The details about mileages and times below can help you choose your route and decide if you want to sign up for the shuttle service. Rider and bike transport is based on a rider traveling an average of 12 mph.

Overnight lodging will be provided at the Bike Camp at the Stevensville Hotel, at the Stevensville City Park, and at the Stevensville High School.


If you have any questions, contact John Stegmaier at or 406-258-3458.

Bike Route Distances

These maps will help you: A shuttle will be provided at cost for your gear if you plan on an overnight trip in Stevensville.

46.9 miles (starts at Ravalli County Fairgrounds in Hamilton, approximately 4-hour ride at 12 mph);

From Ravalli County Fairgrounds to Silver Park

    Mileage & Times
  • 2-hr. 8-min. at 22 mph
  • 2-hr. 21-min. at 20 mph
  • 2-hr. 36-min. at 18 mph
  • 3-hr. 8-min. at 15 mph
  • 3-hr. 55-min. at 12 mph

35.4 miles (starts at Victor Park in Victor, approximately 3-hour ride at 12 mph);

From Victor Park to Silver Park

    Mileage & Times
  • 1-hr. 35-min. at 22 mph
  • 1-hr. 45-min. at 20 mph
  • 1-hr. 57-min. at 18 mph
  • 2-hr. 20-min. at 15 mph
  • 2-hr. 55-min. at 12 mph

29.4 miles (starts at Stevensville Hotel in Stevensville, approximately 2 ½-hour ride at 12 mph);

From Stevensville Hotel and Bicycle Camp to Silver Park

    Mileage & Times
  • 1-hr. 27-min. at 20 mph
  • 1-hr. 37-min. at 18 mph
  • 1-hr. 56-min. at 15 mph
  • 2-hr. 25-min. at 12 mph
  • 2-hr. 54-min. at 10 mph

19.4 miles (starts at Florence-Carlton High School in Florence, approximately 1 ¾-hour ride at 12 mph);

From Florence-Carlton High School to Silver Park

    Mileage & Times
  • 1-hr. at 20 mph
  • 1-hr. 6-min. at 18 mph
  • 1-hr. 20-min. at 15 mph
  • 1-hr. 40-min. at 12 mph
  • 2-hr. at 10 mph

11 miles (starts at Travelers’ Rest State Park in Lolo)

From Travelers’ Rest State Park to Silver Park

    Mileage & Times
  • 33-min. at 20 mph
  • 37-min. at 18 mph
  • 44-min. at 15 mph
  • 55-min. at 12 mph
  • 1- hr. 6 min. at 10 mph
  • 1-hr. 35 min. at 7 mph

Bitterroot Trail Partners

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